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07-Nov-2005 STOLEN!!!
Some russian cyberhunter has stolen FULCHER.ORG. So now I'll reproduce the site under FULCHER.ORG.UK
16-May-2004Installed a Search script to enable users to search within this site
03-May-2004Had enough of Microsoft FrontPage extensions.  Started to update the site to not use them.  This is going to take a while....
02-Dec-2002Added an announcements page.  So that we can all share news on births, deaths and marriages.
05-Oct-2002Changed the links to be a bit more professional, by making them images
15-Jul-2002Added a "Link to Us" page to provide people with an easy way of linking to the Fulcher Organisation
01-Apr-2002Started work on a links page.  The idea behind this is to create a central place for all Home Pages belonging to Fulchers
28-Jan-2002Added a link to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to the search page.  There are some 88 Fulcher's listed as being killed.
27-Jan-2002Completed going through the Guest Book, and removing public access to email addresses.
22-Jan-2002Added an "email contact" page, and started to go through the guest book and remove everyone's email address.  This will prevent this web site being a source for email address spiders.  After all, who likes Spam?
06-Dec-2001Added a discussion group, making requesting information about a specific person easier.
06-Dec-2001Added a downloads page, so that we can all have our Coat of Arms on our desktop.
05-Dec-2001Added the Coat of Arms, after a long search trying to find it.
05-Dec-2001Added a Yearbook 2001 submissions page, in an attempt to see just how far the Fulcher name has travelled around the globe from its early origins in East Anglia UK.
04-Dec-2001Created a Macromedia Flash movie for use on the splash screen and on all pages for Organisation identity.
04-Dec-2001Linked in to
30-Nov-2001Linked in to

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